Inevitably Agile

somethings are just inevitable …

Fitness Test

Today I had my fitness test with my PT (Craig). Its the start of week 4.

It started with my weigh in – I’ve put on 2 kgs! I held my self together and didnt collapse into a pile of tears there and then – though that is ALL i wanted to do. I was then measured all over and I’ve lost 9cm.

Weight 93.6kg (up from 91.6 kg)

On to the fitness part –
(1) max push ups in 1 min : 50 (improved from 40)
(2) max sit ups in 1 min : 50 (improved from 39)
(3) run 1.5km : 10:01 min (improved from 12:10 min)
(4) cycle 10 min : 3.65km (didn’t do this last time – level 6, flat)
(5) row 1km : 4:01 min (improved from 4:22 min)

Polar Heart Rate Measurement:
44min : 448kCal : 30% Fat : maxHR 184 : aveHR 148

My heart rate was extremely high during this – but recovered rather quickly between each exercise – which was awesome to see. I am VERY happy with my run result – that is the furtherest I’ve run consecutively in I dont know how long.
Craig knows the weight thing is a big deal for me so from now on we’re going to weigh in every time I go. I have written down everything I’ve eaten for the last 4 weeks – so I’m going to analyse that a little closer and see if I can spot where I’m going wrong – I have a feeling its the pizza and pasta 😦

I’m going to try and go to the gym for a swim today – its been a long time since I went for a swim.


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