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Food diary analysis – ouch!

Ok, so after my disappointing weight in yesterday I took a look at my food diary for the last month to see where I went wrong.

Its important to understand that I loathe “dieting” in the deprivation sense. I don’t believe in never eating chocolate* again, why? Because then all I can think of is chocolate* and then one day I’ll cave and gorge on 2 kgs of it before I’m sick. (Replace chocolate* with anything you love).
I initially said I’d allow myself to have any food I’d like once a week – this would be for take aways primarily – and the rest of the time it would be healthy good food only.

In looking at the diary – somehow this count crept up to 3 times a week – oops. Those days were usually days I’d been to the PT – so I felt good and fit and thus “allowed” to spoil myself? The bigger problem would be portion size … take outs are generally 3 to 4 times my ordinary portion size .. but so yummy I dont stop till they’re all finished. Waste is bad 😉

Another little problem, in the beginning, was the afternoon (around 2-3pm) slump – where I’d scoff a chocolate or crisps or both. Since I’ve been having the shake at noonish that hasn’t happened again.

I also entered all my food from yesterday into a program called Perfect Diet Tracker. (Note: I was so impressed by how well this software was written/put together that I bought a license!). Based on everything I ate yesterday and taking away the calories I burnt doing gym I still exceeded my daily intake by 638 calories. Which is almost exactly the amount of calories in the left over risotto I ate because I was peckish before dinner …. 653 calories.

So things I need to be aware of:

(1) Take out ONCE a week ONLY!

(2) Portion sizes with take out.

(3) Dont snack on a meal between meals – have some fruit or water.

That being said – this week is going to be difficult …. its birthday week (birthday on Thursday) …. So on wednesday night my friends are making me birthday dinner (with cake), on Thursday I have a breakfast seminar, followed by a company lunch (with more cake for birthday). I suppose I can still watch my portion sizes and have thin slivers of cake … wish me luck!

Oh – I didnt get round to the swim yesterday – but will be going at lunch time today!


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