Inevitably Agile

somethings are just inevitable …

Guilty exercise!

Hahaha – inspired by guilt! Today we have a company project lunch at my favourite pasta place – Primi Piatti. I will not be having salad – I am not a martyr – I will be having a nice bowl of creamy pasta. Hence I dragged my butt out of bed this morning and went to gym to run 5kms 🙂 Very proud of myself!

I did the heart rate thing – so run till my HR is 165 then walk till HR 133, then run again. I changed the running speeds 7.5, then 8.5, then 9.5 then 8.5 then 7.5 then up again and so on.

I wasnt “tired” or “dying” – it was relaxing, even though I was sweating – I was comfortable at all times :). I did 5kms in 45min (yes – I know its slow 😛 )

492 KCal (40% Fat), Max HR 170 (90%), Ave HR 146 (78%)

Oh – and the treadmill faces the pool – which is usually empty – but this morning their were 6 gorgeous guys (LOVE simmers bodies) which provided much eye candy whilst I ran!



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