Inevitably Agile

somethings are just inevitable …

Good Times

Yesterdays PT session almost killed me. I’m not sure if its because I exercised the day before or if its because of the pasta …. probably the pasta. I felt dead on my feet.

682KCal (25% fat), Max HR 185(98%), Ave HR 162(86%)

I forgot to mention that as of Monday night I decided to do 30 situps, 30 pushups (girl ones) and 30 squats before going to bed. 3 days down and all is good – its even getting easy! Maybe next week I’ll up it to 40 🙂

This morning I went off to gym (Virgin Active) to do the 5km run/walk thing again. This time I did all my running at a speed of 10.0 (I want to try and up my running  speed). All went well – 44.1 min to do 5km’s. There was no eye-candy in the pool this time – pity 😉 Again it was an easy, relaxing run. My calves are feeling a little sore though.

498KCal (40% fat),Max HR 174(93%), Ave HR147(78%)

OH! And I weighed myself at the Virgin Active gym (granted I only had a towel around me with wet hair, so no shoes/clothes) but I was down to 91.3! Thats a 2.3kg loss 🙂 I dont care if tis not 100% accurate as its not the same scale – I’m claiming it and grinning from ear to ear 🙂 YEEHA!


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