Inevitably Agile

somethings are just inevitable …

Emotions and exercise

We’ve all been there – when life just butts in and throws all your good intention exercise claims out the window. I was there on Thursday … and Friday. Too upset/tired/annoyed to do ANYTHING but watch TV, drink some wine, go to bed early and read a book. So no 30*3 exercise on Thursday or Friday.

But I did go to the PT on Friday morning. And that is why I pay so dearly for a PT. If it was just a gym session – I would not have bothered getting out of bed. But as I’m paying – I dragged myself off and felt better for it.

It was a HECTIC session – VERY high heart rate – I blame the stairs I had to run up and down so many times!

677KCal (25% fat), Max HR 187 (99%), Ave HR 163 (87%)

Today is Saturday and 2 of my close friends rescued me from my emotional pity party and dragged me off for some cocktails – not exactly part of the diet plan but MUCH needed. Feeling much better and craving some exercise 🙂 Maybe I’ll do some running tomorrow …


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