Inevitably Agile

somethings are just inevitable …

Rocky horror

My Monday PT session was a nightmare! HECTIC. I blame Rocky – the movies. My PT watched them over the weekend and felt inspired – which translated to me doing ALOT of hard work 🙂 All good for me of course – though the running up and down the stairs with 4kgs in each hand followed by squats, more stairs, then lunges and then REPEAT – ouch! And the person who thought up “burpee’s” should be shot.

679 KCal (25% fat), Max HR 183(97%), Ave HR 161(86%)

Oh – even though I had 3 glasses of wine – I did my 30*3 exercises! And of which a whole 3 push-ups were ‘man’ push ups – yeah I know its not much – but for me … it is 🙂

Today I went off too gym – not in the morning as usual as I was too tired and needed the extra 30 minutes sleep time, so I went at midday – not a bad time – but required more dedication and planning, and it was really hot in the gym then. I did 5km – but this time ran at 10.0 for as long as I could – then walked until my HR dropped to 150, then ran again. Felt a lot more hectic then previously and I didn’t go that much faster. 5km in 42.2 minutes. But the aim was to push myself a bit more.

559 KCal (30% fat), Max HR 186(99%), Ave 162HR(86%)

I will be doing my 30 * 3 tonight again!


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