Inevitably Agile

somethings are just inevitable …

Time for rest – time for work!

Yesterday I was feeling extremely tired and decided to sleep in rather than go to gym. My energy levels were down all day. I didn’t allow myself to feel guilty or beat myself up about it – I just took a day off.
It worked – by last night I was feeling good again. I did my 30*3 and did 10 “boy” push ups this time!
This mornings session with Craig was another killer (I think hes preparing for the end of measure session). Which is awesome and what I want – push push push – but when i need a rest day I take it :).
701KCal (25% fat), Max HR 184(98%), Ave HR 163(87%)

I’m feeling much “tighter” and liking the improvements I’m seeing and feeling. Its not just my body thats changing but my mind too. I feel free and clear in my thinking. I suppose you could say I’m shrugging off the old and looking ahead to the new 😉

This afternoon I have a consultation for 2hrs with someone who specializes in clothes etc. I’ve always been the tracksuit girl- and whilst I like that – I think I could feel comfortable dressed up and the reason I don’t is because I’m not doing it right. I’d also like to know what I should be wearing – style, color etc to maximize my looks. Wish me luck!


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