Inevitably Agile

somethings are just inevitable …

Summer is here!

Today is 31 degrees Celsius – AWESOME weather – yes I’m stuck indoors all day – wish I wasn’t though 🙂
On Friday I have the session with the “clothing consultant”? It was great. We debunked some myths I have about my body type (apparently I am ‘hour-glass’ and not ‘pear’ as I’ve always believed), discussed what colors suit me best (dark, muted, cool), and chatted about how to maximize certain things and minimize others. I cant remember everything, but Cath is preparing a Blueprint for me that will have all of this in it. All in all – this was totally awesome and worth the R490. I defiantly want to do the wardrobe consult as well as the shopping assistance.
Saturday evening turned into an impromptu braai and drinks – diet went flying out the window – but it was great fun!
Sunday I woke at 6am with a smasher of a headache (thanks wine!), and then went to the beach for 2 hours with a friend and our 5 dogs. It was great – i love walking just in the water and being free! Hurt my foot though – always do when I’m barefoot on the beach.
This mornings session with Craig was different as I couldn’t do much running. Lots of arm and tummy exercises – we struggled to get my heart rate up.
575 KCal (35% fat), MaxHR 181(96%), AveHR 155(82%)
I got a compliment from one of the other trainers though – he said he can see my body shape improving 🙂 That little compliment has made my day!


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