Inevitably Agile

somethings are just inevitable …

Going for broke ;)

Yesterdays session with trainer was great. We did some general stuff and then did a mini-challenge for 20min. I had to do 5min rowing, then 5 min running, then 10 min cycle. The aim/goal was distance – and mine was 5.5km. I kicked butt on the rowing – but was then too shattered to do much on the run … I managed to make my goal with 20s to spare on the bike … and I was DEAD afterwards. I can feel I’m getting fitter – which is super awesome!

629KCal (25% fat), Max HR 187 (99%), Ave HR 162 (86%)

This morning I went off to gym and did 5km on the treadmill, keeping HR between 140 and 165… this took around 43min, walking at 5.5 and running at 10.0. I cant run/jog any slower then that now … its feels to weird. I felt great afterwards not too tired, not shattered – just good and happy workout :). I then weighed myself (towel, wet hair) at Virgin Active : 89.85kg. I feel like I’ve lost more – so a bit disappointing, but at least the damn  numbers are going DOWN!

(PS: Just checked my previous posts and the last weigh in at VA was on the 8th October – 2 weeks ago – and I was 91.3… so I’ve lost 1.45kgs in 2 weeks! Feel MUCH happier now :D)

522KCal (35% fat), Max HR 174 (93%), Ave HR 150 (80%)


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