Inevitably Agile

somethings are just inevitable …

Even the best laid plans …

So all my preparation for today’s “weigh-in” session have gone BANG. I have a cold – upper respiratory tract infection. Not too bad – sore throat, runny nose – but the annoying part is the blocked ears – I feel like I’m in a frikking bubble. Can’t heard anything else properly -  except me – in surround sound with an echo.

So not PT this morning – instead off to the doctor – who booked me off for 2 days. Apparently I must just rest and dose up on drugs for 2 days and then ease back into the gym routine. As its not in my chest – I can go back to exercise fairly quickly – thank heavens (I like to believe that this is because I gave up smoking). I would be really upset if this had killed my routine for a week – don’t know about you, but illness/injury is an easy excuse that has previously killed my exercise habits.

Its amazing how useless I feel today though … I am truly restless from not having exercised. And I’m really worried (actually more upset) that when I have my next session it will be the assessment and as I’ve done nothing for 5+ days I will do really badly. 😦


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