Inevitably Agile

somethings are just inevitable …

On top of the WORLD!

Yup that’s how i feel! AWESOME! Grinning from ear to ear, and telling everyone who’ll listen (and even those who won’t) my EXCELLENT news!

Today was my assessment

Weight 90.0kg (down 3.6 kg!)

CM’s lost – 20! (yeeha!)

On to the fitness part –
(1) max push ups in 1 min : 60 (improved from 50)
(2) max sit ups in 1 min : 58 (improved from 50)
(3) run 1.5km : 09:40 min (improved from 10:01 min)
(4) cycle 10 min : on friday
(5) row 1km : on friday

So only 442 KCal (35%fat), Max HR 190 (101%), Ave HR 151 (80%)

I pushed a little too hard on the run and started wheezing a bit and killed my throat. For the rest of the day I was coughing. So we’re going to do the cycle and row on Friday.

Oh – and (before I had a chance to tell my news) 2 people commented on how good I’m looking. What a lovely day 🙂


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