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The problem with good news

So … on Wednesday I heard the good news (about the weight loss). Since then I have had take out 3 times … Why? I felt I could – after all I’m invincible now right? WRONG! I don’t know why I do this, but it always happens after I get good news – I reward myself with exactly the wrong thing. So thing to remember next time – watch how I reward myself.

On Saturday I went sand boarding in Betty Bay with 2 friends. Though we booked the whole day we only lasted bout half the day. ITs tough work climbing up those dunes the whole time! I didn’t do to well with the sand boarding – it hurt my ankles a bit. Switched to bum-boarding and had much more fun. Though I did wipe out at the end – BIG time! I have a huge blue bruise on my backside as a trophy.

My arms and legs are stiff today, and my feet hurt from being barefoot on the sand all day – but it was awesome fun. Truly felt like SUMMER!


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