Inevitably Agile

somethings are just inevitable …

Where is the time machine?

It happens to all of us – we just run out of time! That was last week for me – I felt like I was playing catch up all week, not enough time at work, not enough time at gym, not enough time with friends, not enough time to cook good healthy food, not enough time to just be me and definitely not enough time to update my blog!

I didn’t make it to gym on Thursday, but I did make it to Craig on Friday (it the whole pre-paid thing – it REALLY works  for me!). It was gruelling session that he started with a 1.5 km run … I took it slow at speed 9.0, but the last few minutes were killer, I finished at 10:30 – which is not too shabby for me.

631 KCal (30% fat), MaxHR 181 (96%) AveHR 161 (86%)

The wardrobe consultant thing was interesting – I wore my work outfit to work the next day and got loads of compliments.  I returned most of the going out outfit on Sat, but did replace it with other items – that I felt more comfortable in.

I also bought a juice maker on Sunday – its awesome seeing the fruit get smushed to pieces. Very yummy juice aswell.

Had Craig this morning again – the apple, lemon and pear juice I had for breakfast didn’t work so well – too acidic I think.

662 Kcal (30% fat), MAx HR 179 (95%) Ave HR 154 (82%)


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