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somethings are just inevitable …


I have always been of the belief that I perform better under a bit of stress. I’m also a list maker – I make lists all the time – thus I always know what’s happening around me – so usually when things go pear – I still have control as I have my lists, things just move a big quicker and emotions run a little high. A big stressor for me is feeling I’m not in control.

Maybe its age (heck – maybe its even wisdom!) but finally I am seeing a very different angle to stress. Yes – there is that little performance boost – thanks to the adrenaline kicking in … but then there’s all the other little things – irritability, muscular tension, inability to concentrate. So overall – do I perform better under stress? I think the new answer is no, I perform best when my life and stressors are balanced.

Its not a nice feeling when you realise that you’re been a down right nasty person for no other reason than you’re stressed. So how to stop that when you realise? Well you cant just run away and hide (because generally stress arises because you’re trying to do too much with too little time). Apparently exercise helps – whilst I do feel better after training – my stress is at work, so getting up at 4am and then staying late at work day after day leaves me VERY tired. (That said – maybe the exercise is what’s different this time and why I can recognise the stress). So should you “cope” with stress or try to solve the issue causing the stress? And how do you “cope” or “solve” stressors caused by outside forces?

I am looking forward to going to bed super early tonight and having a kick-ass session with Craig tomorrow. Plus it is Friday – so who knows – maybe the weekend will bring some calm and clarity to my week 🙂

On the bright side I got many compliments about how I’m really shaping up and looking good – its great inspiration when people notice the results of the hard work you’re doing 😉


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