Inevitably Agile

somethings are just inevitable …


Yesterday was my monthly assessment with the Personal Trainer – based on my lack luster performance this last month I was dreading this assessment. As it turns out – it went rather well!

Weight 89.9kg (down 0.1kg – I would have preferred MUCH more!)

CM’s lost – 16 (YES!)

On to the fitness part –
(1) max push ups in 1 min : 70 (improved from 60)
(2) max sit ups in 1 min : 64 (improved from 58)
(3) run 1.5km : 09:26 min (improved from 9:42 min)
(4) cycle 10 min : 4.05 km (improved from Sep 3.93km – level 6, flat)
(5) row 2km : 8.17 min (improved from 4:01 min for 1km)

Polar HR: 574KCal (30%fat), Max HR 185 (98%), Ave HR 155 (82%)

I improved on all front – ESPECIALLY the fitness. A bit sad about the weight loss – but I am super chuffed with my fitness levels 🙂


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