Inevitably Agile

somethings are just inevitable …

Silly Season and exercise woes

The damn public holiday on Wednesday meant no session with Craig (who is on leave now for 2 weeks). I decided to have a lazy day, reading and watching TV … 🙂

Today I had a group session, and after going through about 20 excuses I dragged my sorry ass out of bed and to the session. I’m glad I did – it was an excellent work out – very tough. I am feeling pretty tired now though.

620 Kcal (30% fat), MaxHR 181 (96%), AveHR 158 (84%)

I have to find a way to get my data on my polar watch uploaded – I’ve tried just about everything and no joy – its SO frustrating when something doesn’t work easily and properly!

Today are my 2 close girl friends birthdays – so this weekend is party, party, party! I’ll need to do LOTS of gym next week to make up for it 🙂


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