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Slow Fat Triathlete

Book Review: Slow Fat Triathlete – Jayne Williams

I found this book whilst browsing the local bookshop looking for presents.. hmmm, I thought, that’s interesting, can you be a slow, fat triathlete? Triathlons are hectic – it requires you to be able to compete in 3 disciplines – swimming, cycling and running. And the hectic part is that you do one after the other without any rest!  I’d like to say proudly to people that I am a triathlete :).

Don’t get me wrong – i don’t mean ironman (yet) – I’m far to sensible for that. But ‘d love to be able to finish a sprint triathlon. (That’s the baby triathlon, a 1km swim, 20km cycle and 5km run). I entered one this year, in November, but then didn’t go through with it. Many excuses – too much stress, not enough specific training, no bike … ok maybe the last one is legit.

Back to the book… this is an awesome book written very honestly by an overweight woman who longs to be a triathlete – she becomes one and she LOVES it. Loves the training, the preparation, the race jitters, race fatigue and the feelings of finishing. I think the part that meant the most to me was reading that I should be having fun. It doesn’t matter if people are laughing at my feeble attempts to run/cycle. Or that my fat is jiggling all over the place. What matters is that I am enjoying myself and having fun anyway :). I read this and wanted to jump up off the couch and start training – don’t worry – logic prevailed and i stayed on the couch and finished the book 🙂

But it has inspired me to try again for a sprint distance. The running club will get my running in order, my swimming is fine – just need to put in a few hours a week. But I still need a bike and saddle time. I think I’ll train until the end March and see if I can find a sprint to compete in in April. I’ll see if I can get a decent bike second hand, until then I’ll borrow/rent one (I don’t even know if its possible to rent?) or I’ll do spinning classes at gym.

AWESOME! Goal in place… slow, fat triathlete HERE I COME!


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