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Intentions and fate

In my last post I was all inspired to start training for a sprint triathlon. But it is still silly season and so that meant plenty of friends, food, lounging in/by the pool and much reading, TV time. In other words some SUPREME laziness for the last 4 or so days :). Admittedly I did clean my cupboards out yesterday – so I wasn’t totally lazy.

This mornings plan was trainer at 545am, except when I got into my car it wouldn’t start… I thought fuck it, called to say I’m going to be a bit late and started a walk/jog for 2.5kms to the gym, then had my training session(1hr) then walked/jogged (more walking than jogging) all the way back home. I’m a little shattered … it was definitely more than I expected to do – but it felt awesome!

1hr38min 1142KCal (30% fat) MaxHR 183(97%) AveHR 158(84%)

The ironic part is my car is going in for a service tomorrow – timing is a beautiful thing. Hopefully I will be able to jump start it to get it to the service centre.

Another surprise – I thought I had signed up for 4 months Personal Training, ending end of Jan. Turns out it was 6 months, ending end of March. I will have to suck it up and do my running club and personal training sessions for 2 months. And somehow visit the gym every now and then to keep my membership active (a different gym to my trainer). So…

  • An unexpected expense.
  • More exercise than I had anticipated.

It seems to me life is determined to help me train for my triathlon … I put the intention out there and fate is making sure I do as I say … I’m a little scared, but also excited – guess I have NO excuses anymore 😉


One response to “Intentions and fate

  1. Mohamed Bray January 4, 2010 at 10:54 am

    RESPECT! On the walking to your PT session…

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