Inevitably Agile

somethings are just inevitable …

burn, burn, burn

My car was towed in yesterday morning… so far: new battery, new wheel bearings and 4 new tyres … its still there as the actual service must still happen sigh well at least its going to feel like a new car 🙂

But as I’m still carless I had to jog to my trainer again this morning. This time  did much better and jogged a lot more than on Monday. Guess I’m getting use to it already 🙂 Also he is switching me to group sessions for the last 2 months of my contract. What this means is it will save me around R1000 a month as group training is cheaper than 1-on-1 training (yeeha!) plus I can go every morning of the week if I want… mmm not sure if I’m brave enough – but who knows 😉 Here are this mornings figures:

2h02m 1323KCal(35% fat) MaxHR 181 (96%) AveHR 152 (81%)

I think I should keep this up until I start work – burn some extra fat 🙂


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