Inevitably Agile

somethings are just inevitable …

The mythical exercise high :)

Ok got the car back – cost me a FORTUNE. Its going to be 2 very long months until I get a proper (full) pay check at the end of Feb. That said, even though I have the car back, the running has continued –yeeha 🙂

Ran to Trainer on Friday and again this morning, both times I ran all the way there (admittedly VERY slowly), and did a walk/jog back home. Here are the figures:

Fri: 1hr56, 1279KCal, MaxHR 179 (95%), AveHR 154(82%)

Mon: 1hr55, 1274KCal, MaxHR 176 (94%), AveHR 153 (81%)

After Wednesdays session (yes – when it lasts 2hrs its a SESSION) my shorts which are cotton were drenched and heavy, wanting to fall down all the time. I took the leap and invested in 2 pairs of running “tights”. I tried on numerous (8) different types/brands/styles. At around R400 a pop – they are not cheap and I didn’t want to regret it. I settled on the Nike Capri’s. They are awesome. No chafing – they dry super quick, they NEVER fall down. Very comfortable 🙂

My aunt is coming to visit from USA in Feb and I’ve roped her into getting me another pair (they are R280 in the USA!) and also a Camelbak Magic for woman. I cannot WAIT for it to arrive! I’m really getting into and loving my training now! Jumped on the house scale and according to it I’ve lost my extra Christmas kilos … but need to confirm at a Virgin Active gym’s scale.

I think I’m experiencing that mythical exercise high – I just want to go and train! But my leg muscles – all shaky and stiff remind me that I’m not quite at THAT level yet 🙂


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