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The agile leadership role

I watched a presentation by Lyssa Adkins (The Road from Project Manager to Agile Coach) a few days ago. Its a great story and gives great tips to anyone who is or has moved into the agile space as a leader (be it scrum master, product owner or agile coach).

An awesome quote was that this is an “arduous journey away from ego and toward enlightenment”.

Some tips are:

  • Be detached from outcomes
  • Take it to the team
  • Master your face
  • Model being unreasonable
  • Be the teams biggest fan
  • Let the team fail

To be an agile leader you need to embrace features of servant leaders – be an enabler, a facilitator. Agile teams need to be highly collaborative, this implies the team:

  • is self organising
  • makes empowered decisions
  • believes the team can solve any problem
  • has team success
  • uses trust as a motivator
  • owns its decisions and outcomes
  • respects all insights
  • is consensus driven
  • uses constructive disagreement

This has definitely driven home the message to me that I was too involved in my previous teams. I need to stop driving and start guiding. Stop talking and listen more. Focus on the now. Ask powerful questions, not push the team where I think they should be.

Mmm easier said than done me thinks!


One response to “The agile leadership role

  1. Lyssa January 19, 2010 at 4:54 pm

    Glad you found this work useful. And, yes, much easier said than done but oh, so worth it.

    My best to you as you try (and try again, and try again). And as you get good at it.

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