Inevitably Agile

somethings are just inevitable …

Slow and Fat

Urgg what a HORRIBLE morning.

My trainer surprised me with an assessment this morning. IT was horrible. First he weighed me … 92.9kg – that’s UP 3kgs …. crap.

CMs lost … oh wait that should be GAINED around my tummy and hips – groan  😦

At this point I should have just gone home. I didn’t want to do anything and I certainly wasn’t motivated or inspired to push myself.

  1. max push ups in 1 min : 63 (down from 70)
  2. max sit ups in 1 min : 64 (the same)
  3. run 1.5km : 09:40 min (SLOWER from 9:26 min)
  4. cycle 10 min : didn’t do this as there were too many people in the gym
  5. row 2km : 8.40 min (a little slower then previous 8:17 min )

Polar HR: 373KCal (30%fat), Max HR 188 (100%), Ave HR 154 (82%)

So much for thinking all that extra jogging helped – guess the chocolate eggs from Woolworths cancelled that and then some.

I’m feeling very de-motivated and sad. In my mind I’m this elite athlete who works out twice a day  5 times a week and does triathlons, but in reality I have only worked out 3 times a week. Somehow no matter my intentions I’m just not getting it right to step that up. FAIL.

The running program starts next week. This friday is a health assessment (cholesterol, blood pressure, weigh in – yay), then on Monday is a talk and a fitness assessment on Tuesday morning (2.4km run). What this means is that from next week I will be doing exercise 6 times a week – which will hopefully translate to my next assessment being very MUCH improved.

I’ve been wanting to buy a bike, but worried that I might not make/find time to ride it. So … when I weigh 80kg my reward to myself will be a nice bike. That’s 13kg’s of FAT that I must lose – that’s also the weight of my dog – WOW that’s a lot of fat….


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