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Feedback on diet change

A little bit of feedback 🙂

The lunch time “bigger” meal is working out brilliantly for me. I’m a little sad that I only started trying this out so late in my life! I don’t feel sluggish in the afternoon at all – quite the opposite in fact, where I used to have a sugar dip around 3pm and find some chocolates or crisps – I’m now awake, alert and full :). I have a snack at night – which is great as its generally quick and easy to prepare – so no temptation to order take-aways. Also my shopping is way easier and MUCH cheaper as I don’t have to worry about big meals! Ok the saved money goes into paying for lunch but its definitely worth it. I am keeping a food diary on google docs and making notes about how i feel at certain times. It is helping in highlighting “problem” times – like how when I skip a fruit ‘meal’ I usually end up having a chocolate an hour later…

I haven’t really had any alcohol for just over a month now (I know there was a Savannah in there somewhere). I thought it would be more difficult not drinking with friends – but it isn’t. I don’t feel like having a drink at all – a bit odd really, but not complaining. I like not wanting to have a drink in my hand, and not needing to have a drink to enjoy a social situation. I also find I’m drinking much more water – but I think this is more due to the fact that my new workplace has water coolers dotted around 🙂

I haven’t lost any weight (yet!) but as I cancelled 2 personal training sessions this week that is not surprising. I’m letting my leg rest so that the ITB thingy can get better. I don’t want anything to affect my running 🙂 I am going to the first running session this afternoon though, but then will ice and rest the leg again all weekend.


One response to “Feedback on diet change

  1. Francois January 28, 2010 at 1:27 pm

    Yeah, bigger lunch always is an awesome way to help with the diet. And, the nice thing is that you can always work in a salad to help fill the gap if you are still hungry.
    One of the main things that also worked for me, is to include low G-I carbs in my breakfast and lunch. (Oats in the morning and brown rice, pasta at lunch) This allows you to avoid carbs at supper and literally just have a protein and veg/salad. I thinks it also keeps you a bit fuller for longer. Cool things is this; everybody is different so take some advice, read up etc then rightfully so track what you are doing and see what works for you! Good Luck!

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