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Running Program – first session

Yesterday was the first “proper” session of the running program. There were about 70 of us. We got split into 2 big groups of around 30 (the faster half and the slower half). Somehow my friend and I had both made it into the faster half. That group then got split into 3 smaller groups – we fell into the slowest group then :).

Day 1 was surprisingly easy I thought. We did a fast walk around the fields for 15min – really fast, arms pumping and it is soft, uneven grass, so quite hard work on the calf muscles. That was followed by 1 min slow jog, 2 min fast walk – 6 times. Then stretching! My ankles were not loving the uneven surface and though I found it easy (average HR was 151), my hip hurt like hell last night. (I hurt my ITB last week)

We got homework as well – which was surprising, but not too hectic. Everyday we have to do:

  • 10 * squats
  • 10 * lunge (on each side – so 20 in total)
  • 20 * sit-ups
  • And at every red traffic light we have to do butt clenches for the duration of the red light 🙂

My hip is not that sore this morning – seems the ice and arnica is working 🙂


2 responses to “Running Program – first session

  1. Brett January 29, 2010 at 9:28 am

    I went to a ‘foot’ doctor yesterday, very interesting, you walk across a platform a few times and it builds a model of your foot impression in 3D (amongst other things) – and then a recommended insole for your shoes depending on your activities – you should try it for running 🙂

    Its meant to assist in fixing knee, hip, ankle, balance, etc. problems.

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