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goal-settingTwitter led me to a post today entitled Guidelines for Writing Your Goals. I wasn’t going to read it but then did and am really glad I did! 😛

According to Tony Mayo you should state your goals in a way that impacts their likelihood of success, and that they are specific and measurable.

Some tips:

  • Write the goal as if you have achieved it.
  • Write the goal in present tense.
  • State everything positively
  • Specify a measure that describes a victory for you.
  • Focus on WHAT you want, not HOW to achieve it.

I um’d and ah’d for about an hour as to whether I should blog about my goals or not. It is very scary putting all your goals out there for everyone to see, comment, criticize though hopefully not tease! I feel they are balanced lifestyle goals – which is important to me.


These are my goals for December 2010:

  1. I own a farm 1.5 hrs drive from Cape Town. It is 100 hectares with a river and small dam and lots of big trees. It has an old, big, basic farmhouse on it.
  2. I run in short shorts (yes – those tiny little ones 🙂 )
  3. I wear size 12 clothing comfortably.
  4. I exercise at least 6 times a week and cover 70kms a week easily with running.
  5. The dogs trail run with me at least once a week.
  6. I love my job. All our teams are cooking!
  7. I have 1000 twitter followers and publish to my blog daily – half healthy life (exercise/diet) and half healthy work related.
  8. I have competed in and completed 2 sprint triathlons!
  9. I feel energised, healthy and happy all day everyday.

Shew – its a scary long list 🙂


One response to “Goals

  1. Tony Mayo February 2, 2010 at 5:59 pm

    Nice work on your goals! I hope you have the experiences you desire.

    Thanks for linking to my site.

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