Inevitably Agile

somethings are just inevitable …

Running Program – day 2

Last night was the second day of the program. We were on the grass fields again. This time we did 15min fast walk, then 5 sets of 2 min jog, 2 min walk. It was MUCH tougher than last week.

My heart rate soured to 185 at some stage. My calf muscles were screaming during the walk bits, and I was out of breathe very quickly. I also felt like I was the only one sweating, ok maybe there were 3 of us… mmm. The trainer just smiled and told us that when we’re jogging for 25 minutes non stop we will laugh at how we struggled. *sigh* I cant wait for that day! My average heart rate was 158.

My hip was a little sore last night- but stretching and ice helped and it was not sore this morning. I did my homework exercises this morning and felt fine – not stiff and not sore 🙂 My nose is blocked though – so I think I’ve picked up a little cold – maybe that’s why I was struggling to breathe yesterday.

I’m still staying away from gym sessions as I don’t want to strain my hip at all. I am hoping to go back to training next week.


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