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Running Program – Day 4 and a sore bum!

Its been a bit of a crazy week – and so today is the first day (in about 5) that I’ve had time to breathe and blog! That’s just what happens when family visits – time seems to dissipate!

On Thursday night we did the 15min fast walk followed by 5 sets of 2 min walk, 3 min jog. It was tougher than Wed night, but still manageable. I talk non stop during the walk now, but only a few short bursts of words during the jogging 🙂

I also had my running shoe assessment on Thursday. Apparently I should wear supportive shoes as I slightly turn my feet in on my stride. This could result in collapsed arches unless I have enough support in the shoe. There was also mention that I should have extra padding in the shoe as I am heavy on my feet – the image in my mind is of a huge, ugly ogre stomping and huffing and puffing along a forest path… *sigh* I was also told that my hip pain is not normal after 2 weeks and I must go and see a physiotherapist.

So off I went on Friday to my first ever physiotherapist session. It was a bit humiliating hearing that my hip pain is caused by a strained gluteus maximus (bum!) muscle. And that my left bum muscle is in spasm AND that this is causing both my ITB bands to be sore. He then massaged (and I use this term very loosely) my bum and legs. I don’t think I have ever felt that much pain inflicted purposefully and with pride. Damn it hurt. Clearly my poor bum was in much more pain than I realised. I walked out after an hour with my new exercises and stretches in hand and an appointment for this week Tuesday. I must also admit that I’m feeling much better now, much less pain in hip 🙂

Tomorrow is the start of a new week. I am thoroughly enjoying the running club and all I’m  learning. In preparation for my sprint triathlon debut I have found out the dates 🙂 It will be the same weekend as my birthday (start of October) in Clan William. I am currently looking for accommodation and have informed some friends that I need one of them to tag along (for support and in case I cant drive back!).


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