Inevitably Agile

somethings are just inevitable …

Running Program – Day 5

Last nights session was tough! It was 10m walk, 4m jog + 2m walk * 2, 3m jog + 2m walk * 2, 2m jog + 2m walk * 2. The last minute of jogging we had to do as fast as we could. During the second jog my migraine from Sunday sprang back to life. Every step felt as if I was taking a hammer to my head. The light made my eyes ache and I thought I was just going to go and sit in one of the corners… I persisted though and managed to finish the session.

I think the migraine is due to dehydration – not from Monday but from the weekend. My hip didn’t hurt at all yesterday until we started jogging – then i could feel it. It ached the whole night as well. Not a good sign 😦 I am seeing the physio again this afternoon.


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