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Running Program – Day 7

We ran in Keurboom Park last night for our last grass session. I struggled every step of the way. We did a 10m walk, 2* 5m run, 2m walk, 2* 3m run, 2m walk, 2* 2m run, 2m walk. For the last minute of each run I just kept saying to myself “don’t walk- don’t walk – don’t walk” :).

I made it – but only just! TOUGH day! Someone mentioned that we had done 5.1km – that did make me feel much better about myself.

Our next session (Monday) is on the road and is only 4km. (Who would think i would utter the words only and 4km next to each other 🙂 )

My hip(bum) was really sore last night – this morning I went to gym and did all my physio exercises. Definitely going to do that from now on as its easier than having the dogs climb all over me whilst I try and do them!


One response to “Running Program – Day 7

  1. Caryn February 12, 2010 at 8:33 am

    Yeah don’t think I would have made it through (running) the last 3 intervals if the coach hadn’t been right next to me, I was DEFINITELY wanting to walk lol. Last night was TOUGH – but hey, we did it. And if we look back to the first session of run 1 minute intervals – I think we’d find that EASY now. So it’s not such a stretch to believe that in a couple of weeks we’ll find 5 minutes easy…

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