Inevitably Agile

somethings are just inevitable …

Running Program – Day 8

Last night was our first road run. I was very nervous when they described the route as it seemed really far – and a few thoughts entered my mind like “what if I lose them?”. We did a 10m walk, 2 * 6m jog, 2m walk, and 2 * 4m jog, 2 min walk.

After the first 4m jog we had completed the circuit!! Which means we finished really quickly – yeeha! We then amazingly asked to run around the building one more time so that we could finish our times (ok – I was possibly the loudest beggar here 🙂 ). And some of us (me included) even sprinted the last 50m!! AWESOME!


I felt like a superhero, my friend felt like a rock star. Everyone in our little “back pack” was grinning from ear to ear. We felt even better realising that most of the front 2 groups have all been runners for a while, they’re doing the course to improve stride/distance etc. So not too shabby at all for true first timers :).

The buzz lasted until I was rudely awoken numerous times through out the night by my very sore hip (there was also an extremely bizarre dream about me being 6 months pregnant that could account for restlessness). I got up early and did my hip exercises – feeling a bit better now and looking forward to my physio session. later this afternoon.


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