Inevitably Agile

somethings are just inevitable …

The ever elusive ‘time’


This past week and it seems the rest of Feb as well are hectic time wise. I am just not getting to do everything  I want to do – or even everything I usually do! The ever elusive time 🙂

Why? What is so vastly different this month?

Four major things that I’ve noticed (so far):

1 – I am now on the running program which implies 3 evenings during the week are no longer mine…

2 – I started going to gym every morning (nothing hectic – just doing my physio exercises and getting into the routine of going to gym and all that entails like planning the clothes and lunch the night before etc.

3 – My weekends in Feb are filled with visiting family and old friends – which is not normal at all.

4 – Socialising with my friends that I used to work with at my previous company. Ordinarily I would see them during the day (at least the week) at work, but now we need to schedule time to see each other.

These 4 “major” activities are using up my time previously used for socializing / keeping my blog updated / reading / watching tv /shopping etc.

All the things listed above are items not in my “daily to do list”. They sort of … kind of just happen.

Well not any more. I am now going to have to prioritise what is important to me and make sure that those get done.

tick … tock … (at least I’ve done a blog posting on more than just the running program!)



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