Inevitably Agile

somethings are just inevitable …

Running Program – day 10

I did end up missing Thursdays session due to the cold. I still have a running nose but that’s it. I did the slits this morning by myself. It was a 4km course again, with 10m walk, 2 * 8m jog, 2m walk, 2 * 4m jog, 2m walk, and stop when you reach 4km. I managed to make it to the end of the 3rd split and then I was done with the 4km.

It was really hard. The first 8m jog was ok, a bit tough towards the end, the 2m walk seemed to fly past… the next 8m jog was – well, I guess torture is accurate.  I had to tell myself “you can do it”, “don’t walk” from around the second minute… I was jogging so slowly I was barely moving. BUT – I MADE IT :). The next 4m jog was VERY easy.

I think its easier running with more people, I am looking forward to tomorrows session. I’m guessing the distance will go up to 5km and the splits will be 2 * 8m and 2 * 6m …. 😉


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