Inevitably Agile

somethings are just inevitable …

Running program – day 13

Last night we did our second hill run (the same hill) but this time we did a 5km route. The splits were 5m walk, 12m run, 2m walk, 3* 5m run, 2m walk. It was super awesome fantastic!

We (the back pack) were chatting away during the 3 5 min runs. It was great. I finally felt like I had become a runner and I was (and am) beaming with pride 🙂

My hip is no longer aching all that much at night (yay!), and the whole tight band around my chest, turns out I have heart burn 😦 . hahaha – 32 and only now do I experience heart burn for the first time – I have no idea what caused it though.


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