Inevitably Agile

somethings are just inevitable …

Silvermine River walk

On Saturday morning at 6am a friend of mine and his 3 dogs picked me and my 2 dogs up and off we went to Silvermine. We usually just have a beach walk but decided to be more adventurous this weekend.

IMG_0702    IMG_0708    IMG_0714

I am SO glad we tried this! The walk itself is about an hour uphill and then you turn around and come back down for an hour. Its all along a little stream (we haven’t had rain in a while) and mostly in a “forest”, so lots of shade. The dogs had an awesome time as did the humans. It was beautiful. We only encountered 2 other people (and their dogs) on the trail when we were about 20min for the end. Obviously people like sleeping in on Saturdays 🙂 From reading up a bit it seems that in total this a 4km walk – not bad at all – my dogs are very lazy!

What an awesome way to start the weekend! I hope we do this again soon 🙂 This is a map of the path we took (though we didn’t do the  small loop at the top).

IMG_0727    IMG_0735  IMG_0742


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