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Running program – day 15

We did our first trail run last night of 5km. It was at Constantia Nek and the splits were 5min walk, 3 * 10min run, 2min walk. It was awesome 🙂 No traffic noise, no exhaust fumes – just forest all around and great views. The last 10min run was TOUGH! It was on a hectic uphill, from what I could see from my “near the the back” position, most of the front pack walked – I ran SLOWLY and even managed to pass some of them! I did end up walking some of the monstrous hill –but only for a minute or so. I am very proud of my hill attempt :).

On Tuesday night I attended a talk on Strength training to improve  your running and reduce your injuries. It was very fascinating and interesting – but too much new information for me too remember it all! The main aim was to (if you’re in your 30’s to 40’s) try to exercise according to this percentage: 60% running, 13% strength, 13% stability and 13% flexibility. And to do the strength training in a smart way. So see a biokineticist(preferably one who is a runner themselves) and let them work out your weaknesses and put together a program for you to follow. If you’ve never done strength training then you will need an initial build up period of 3 times a week for 6 weeks, and there after you only need 1 maintenance session a week.

There was also talk about which muscles are movers and which are stabilisers. Which type of exercises are better and why (cant remember!) and signs to watch out for when you’re running (shaking of arms = weak shoulders and biceps, hunching of back = weak upper back muscles etc). Next time I’ll take notes 🙂

I also went to the physio on Tuesday and this time he bruised my bum :(. But I am sleeping through the night – so the pain with the physio is worth it 🙂 . Whilst I’m on the program and keep increasing my effort and distance, I will need to keep seeing my Physio every 2 weeks to relax my muscles and ITB, and I MUST do the physio strengthening exercises every day! Once the program is complete the idea is to plateau and keep at 10km for 2 to 3 months so that my muscles and body can adjust and get used to the idea that it is a 10km runner body now 🙂 (Sounds so cool to be saying that!)


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