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Running program – day 16

Last night was the furthest I have ever run – 6km! It was a very proud moment for me – and as it also marked the half way point of the course I suppose the next 6 weeks will all be milestones for me 🙂 Here is the route.

The splits were 5m walk, 20m run, 2m walk, 10m run, 2m walk, 5m run. It was difficult – the sun was blazing in the 30’s and the road was hot hot hot. I struggled quite a bit in the first run (from about 8mim to 13min, and then it was fine). The last 5m run I decided to push and do my best and I made it from the back of the pack to around mid way through the pack – nice! I felt like I was flying at some stage – wind blowing past me – awesome feeling 🙂


(that’s not me in the picture – but that’s how I feel in my mind!)

I am feeling trimmer and fitter. My clothes feel a tiny tiny little bit looser, and the scale says 89kg. But I feel as if I’ve lost a load more weight. Maybe just being happy with all those endorphins makes you lighter (no additional worry weight!).

I also remembered something else about the Tuesday night talk that was fascinating. When you run you are putting around 1.5x your weight on one leg, on a downhill this can grow to 2x and even 2.5x. If you think of a 60kg person, that’s 90kg to 150kg on one leg!! Hectic!

The presenter suggested doing the leg press at gym. Do it with 2 feet, heels down. Then adjust weights and do it with heels up (when we run we push off on our toes not our heels). Now adjust the weights again and do 1 foot heel down and then heel up, then do the other foot. Why? Because as a runner – we use one leg at a time! Thee same goes for squats: heels down, heels up, one legged squats. The above shows the difference between training dumb and training smart for running.

Here are some exercises for ankles, knees and hips.

A few core moves can be found here.

And a handful of flexibility stretches here.

Foam Rolling exercises.

My physio has cleared me to go back to training at the gym  – with a note to take it easy. This month is my last month at that gym (pre-paid contract). I’m hesitant to go back though – as I feel doing the physio exercises daily and the running program are more than enough – my body is quite tired! But then I think of how much I’m paying for this month (and last month when I didn’t go at all) and I feel immense guilt. I will see how my body feels this weekend make a decision and stick with it!


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