Inevitably Agile

somethings are just inevitable …

Running Program – day 17

Shew – was I unprepared for last nights run 🙂

At 5:30pm it was still a hot humid 38C. There was a breeze – of hot berg wind. Here is our route.


Due to the exceptional heat our distance was shortened (from 7km to 5km) and our splits were kept short 3 * 10min run, 2 min walk (instead of an increase to 25min!). “Thank heavens” – I thought, “that should be easy enough”. After the second 10min run I knew I was in trouble. I was struggling to breathe – my throat felt like sand paper – my tongue was sticking to top of my mouth – I was drenched in sweat. The whistle went and off we went on our last 10 min. I lasted about 2min and then resorted to walking and trying to lower my heart rate which at 189 (101%), my heart was threatening to jump out of my chest. I managed to push myself (with encouragement from a friend) to jog the last minute or so of the 10min split.


We then stretched and walking back to my car I had a dizzy spell and had to sit for a while. Hectic. I was overcome with emotion. I didn’t cry (but I felt like it!). Finishing that run, even walking at the end was one of the toughest things I’ve done. I was exhausted strength wise. Mentally and emotionally I had nothing left to give. I felt like such a complete failure. Not for being last in my group – that I don’t mind :). But because I walked in our last running split. And that I was so utterly and totally beaten by the session.

I know that its different and difficult in the heat – I had NO idea how much a few degrees would impact me. I didn’t talk once after the first run/walk. I would have happily killed someone or something for a cold coke at the end (next time I’m taking a cooler box with coke with!). I’m still disappointed but I’m looking forward to redeeming myself on Thursday night 🙂


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