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Communicating the sprint

I read this online book by  Henrik Kniberg. It is an awesome book – showing the struggles and ideas that a team had adopting scrum. These are the same things almost every scrum/agile team will encounter – in one flavour or another.

This post is based on what I learnt from chapter 6 – “How we communicate sprints”. I decided to add a sprint info page for my  team on the company wiki. It has all the info relating to the sprint on it.



As you can see from the images above this page shows:

  • sprint goals
  • team allocation
  • stories committed to
  • all meetings – dates, times and  venues etc.
  • a burndown chart (I use this online generator)
  • impediments
  • retrospective and actions

This has helped in a variety of ways.

  • There is one place for the team to go  and see info on that sprint and previous ones. They can also edit the  pages and add their own thoughts – though they haven’t done this yet 🙂
  • It provides one place for other teams and managers (especially line  managers) to see what the team is doing, how they are doing it, what  they are trying to improve etc.
  • I, as scrum master, no longer need to keep an excel spreadsheet of the  burndown chart, and 900 word documents about retrospectives and impediment  logs. Instead everything is in one place where everyone has access to it.  Nice and simple 🙂

To make this more visible to the organisation and the people mentioned above, I also send out an email after every sprint planning session. This email has very basic information in it – but it has links to the sprint wiki pages.


I hope more people try this, perhaps one day people will even be brave enough to host these online for the greater community to learn from 🙂


One response to “Communicating the sprint

  1. Sam December 9, 2010 at 4:48 pm

    So 8 months later… I think putting all the information into an email works much better. I no longer give all the Retro info – just the goals that come out of it. I include a velocity graph from the start, per sprint showing committed vs actual.
    The wiki becomes a pain to maintain – but sending off an email with relevant info is over in an hour or so and more people red it 🙂

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