Inevitably Agile

somethings are just inevitable …

Running Program – day 24

After a long weekend there was a lot of catching up to do yesterday. Some of the girls met up on Sunday at 7am and did the Sea point Promenade run – very impressive! I went to the Physio just before the run and he strapped my right glute to give me more strength.

We did a 7km route with splits 5m walk, 25m run, 2m walk, 15m run, 2m walk, 5m run. The  first 26min was all uphill, slow and gradual with the last 6min being quite hectic. I was going so slowly I thought I might be jogging in place 🙂 After that it was downhill which was great. My hip was whinging a bit on Klipper Rd, and the bit around Brewries was a killer. My legs felt like lead. I didn’t do the last loop around Sports Science building – I was done. It was a good run, very hot, and we’ve definitely picked up our pace.

Today we do the 5km time trial at VOB again … this time no splits – I’m a bit nervous 🙂


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