Inevitably Agile

somethings are just inevitable …

Running Program – day 27

I saw the Sports Physician today and he confirmed that I have Gluteus medius bursitis. I chose the anti-inflammatory medication route as opposed to the steroid injection :). Basically I can complete the program as long as I can deal with the pain – I wont cause any long term or permanent damage. When the program is over I need to reduce my hard-impact activities (running) and do more swimming or cycling until the pain goes away.

Yesterday we did 8km, the same route as on day 23 but backwards and starting from Rondebosch Common. I ran slowly as I didn’t want to hurt my hip too much. I was amazed at the difference. My heart rate didn’t go above 170 – that’s a first, I chatted all the way and had lots of energy at the end – I even powered up the last few hills. I could easily have ran for another 2km! We did splits for the last time 5min walk, 25min,20min,10min. It took me around 65min to do the 8km – so very slow! It was such a nice run – I didn’t have to convince myself I could do it, or concentrate on running, I just relaxed and ran.

Today my hip is a little sore but not that much (thanks medication!). No sore muscles but I am tired – I could do with sleeping for another few hours :).


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