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Running Program – The Race!

Saturday was the race – I was nervous and excited! We arrived early and entered the race and got our temporary licences, it was cold but luckily there was no rain 🙂 I went to the toilet twice in the hour before the start of the race, I wanted to go a third time but convinced myself (with help from some friends) that it was all mind games I couldn’t possibly need it again.

Note to Self: Next time go to the loo AGAIN – then I wont spend 8km of the race looking for an appropriate car or bush to squat behind!

I was worried about my hip and that I might have to walk some of the way, I felt a bit guilty and didn’t want my running buddies (the back pack) to feel pressured to walking with me so we struck a deal to run by ourselves. In the rush at the start I lost them behind me and after 1km when the bunch had spread out a bit I was running with a stranger (can’t recall his name!). We chatted about what each of us was trying to do, for me finish my first race and for him run all the way (he’d done many 10km but never ran all the way!). He decided he liked my pace and stuck with me.  At the 4km mark, a group of runners (6) from our running program came past us, but we caught up by 7km and passed them by 8km 🙂


My heart rate was much higher for the race – around 175 all the time, my new friend and I chatted most of the way (mostly out of breath chatting). We encouraged each other, and at the end when I was feeling like walking he slowed down and convinced me I could do it. It was all a mind game. my mind says “walk – I’m dying”, then 88429I check with my toes, feet, calves, knees, thighs, bum, tummy, arms, neck … usually they respond with a little sore but not dying … then I tell my head to “shut up” and continue 🙂

I finished in 1hr12minutes, and got a medal and a pair of socks! I was beaming from ear to ear 🙂 My running buddies finished at 1hr16min, I felt a bit guilty then for not running with them as I had made it all the way … next time I will run with them!


vlad_groupairtimeThe Optifit guys then had a picnic for us – none of ate much – too much adrenalin! We were all SO excited and happy. We had our own small prize giving and I got a little something for “making a good effort” (I LOVE getting things!).

A little later in the afternoon I went out shopping and reward my effort with some new sunglasses for running 🙂 I am slightly stiff but not much at all. We started a google group to keep in touch and plan some runs, so far its working well, if you’re in the Cape Town area and you’d like to join, go to this link and send a request!


2 responses to “Running Program – The Race!

  1. Steve April 14, 2010 at 9:07 am

    Awesome, well done! Reading this made me want to leave my desk and go for a run immediately!

  2. Kobus April 14, 2010 at 8:51 pm

    Well done Sam! Just a tip about the bladder management… Any fluid intake before the race should be at room temperature. Cold stuff makes your kidneys work overtime. Also limit coffee, since it caffeine has the same effect.

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