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Running Program – 2.4km assessment

At the start of the running program we did a 2.4km test, here is my post on that. Now, at the end of the program we redo that test. So lets compare results:


time – 17.24min, max HR – 182, ave HR – 171, HR at end – 180, HR a minute later – 155, difference = 25


time – 15.45min, max HR – 201, ave HR – 184, HR at end – 200, HR a minute later – 174, difference = 26

WOW- not what I expected at all! Ok – i expected the time to come down, as this time I didn’t walk at all – but I was hoping for more of a difference. I also expected my heart rate to come down, not go up… I can honestly say that I did my best on both attempts.. so maybe my perceived effort is now much higher.

I guess this goes to show that running 10km wasn’t about being "fit" enough to run it – it was about believing you are capable of running all 10km!


2 responses to “Running Program – 2.4km assessment

  1. Rick November 28, 2010 at 3:25 pm

    Hi Samantha, this web site can also help to automate the 2.4km run for you.


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