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Working from home

For the last two days I have had builders working inside my home. As such my company allowed me to work from home (thanks company!). 

My work-from-home was done in my study – but some of these look rather nice! pod

Last week I was completely snowed under – I even tweeted about how there were just not enough hours in the day. I was bend out of shape as I feel I’m not doing enough.I have this whole list of things I want to do and everything needs to be done NOW and each item is quite a lot of work. I needed my own Product Owner 🙂 My boss stepped in and gave me some ideas – she also offered to be my Product Owner – ha-ha! Some of what I was feeling stemmed from feeling guilty about working from home and leaving my teams in the lurch, and the rest was just me trying to do everything at once.

I learnt 3 important lessons on these two work-from-home days.

  1. As the scrum master I am NOT a dependant person on the team. The team(s) do (and should) function just fine without me. My role is an enabling one – mostly from the sideline. I think many so called scrum masters fall into the trap of being the manager or team lead and they end up directing the team. Thus me not being at work forces the greater team to realise this, and reminds me!
  2. To do certain aspects of my job I need alone time. I managed to get more items done in the last day that I did in the last week! As a scrum master of two teams, I facilitate many meetings and am almost always dealing with impediments or team admin tasks. I should make use of the work from home option (or hijack a quiet office) to get the other aspects of my job done.
  3. Limit my work hours. I have become so accustomed to being interrupted regularly that I I didn’t realise just how much time I was spending behind the laptop. I ended up working many more hours – only realising because it got dark outside!

I also managed to create a list of all the things I want to do … now I just need to prioritise it… one step at a time 🙂


2 responses to “Working from home

  1. Karen April 21, 2010 at 3:07 pm

    Lesson number one is an awesome one to have learned, probably the one that new ScrumMaster’s struggle with the most. I sometimes phrase this as the ScrumMaster needs to make their role redundant, but I think you have captured the essence much better.

  2. abby, the hacker chick blog April 23, 2010 at 10:01 pm

    Woah, those are some pretty cool looking offices – wonder what the climate control is like on those.

    And hurray to working from home, I know – hard for a ScrumMaster to do, but maybe the take away is that it’s good to have a day a week from home or something just to be able to catch up on things? Seems that there are just never enough hours in the day, huh?

    (and, btw, thanks for stopping by my blog and the nice comments! 🙂 )

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