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my HTC Desire

I find it SO annoying when apple fanboys start gushing over their iphones – I mean seriously – its just a phone, shut up and get over it.


I am sorry – I didn’t understand. I am now a very proud android fanboy.

You see its NOT just a phone. In fact the phone part is the least exciting part about it.

I got my HTC desire 5 days ago. It runs Android 2.1. It is currently the best android phone on the market (I am sure this becomes outdated as I type 🙂 )

the history…

I have been deciding on a phone for the last 6 months. Initially I was going to go with Blackberry – having had a querty keyboard before I really loved it – the notion of touch typing on a screen wouldn’t work as well. Playing with a friends iPhone I realised that the apps are what makes this a better phone. The bigger screen (and thus lack of “real” keyboard) made sense and it was worth it.

But an iPhone? So then I looked into all the fanfare a bit more. The Nexus One was just out and a friend had the HTC Hero – pretty impressive. Also – SO much cheaper than the iPhone – but hardly any apps. Well – that changed quickly. About 2 months ago I decided on the HTC Desire – it wasn’t yet available in my country but I knew it was the one I wanted.

life since I got IT…

I’m a little app crazy… I’ve tried a whole bunch – some have stayed – a lot have been removed 🙂 As I don’t have a data package my internet connectivity is limited to wifi at my home or free wifi spots. I also bought a screen protector on ebay …

Some of my favourite apps are:

  • RemindMe – type in a reminder date and time and it will notify you
  • OI Notepad – good for jotting down directions etc
  • OI shopping list –good to just keep the list going
  • Barcode Scanner – very cool and geeky
  • My Days – I’m a girl, we like to know when our period is near
  • Wifi Manager – awesome little wifi tool, shows strength, remembers logins etc.
  • Wiggle Lite – depending on which wifi signal you pick up, you can change your phones settings. My phone goes to silent when I pick up the work wifi 🙂
  • Advanced Task Cleaner – not sure if I need this … I think being a windows user I’m a little paranoid :/

the inspiring bit…

i haven’t developed in about 3 years .. yet here I am downloading JDKs and Eclipse and SDKs so that I can try and write my own android app … I feel like a true geek (and if you know me – you know this is something I say I’m not)

Day 1 : download and install, create hello world app – totally distracted by work meetings and then google street view for South Africa became available and distracted me further 🙂

mmm ok – that’s where the dev work ended – it was fun though 🙂

Its been a few weeks now since I got my phone – and I’ve noticed some things:

Good stuff…

  • In the dark compare to a friends iphone it looks fabulously bright and crisp – the iphone display looked almost pale and milky in comparison – the black is gray etc.
  • I hardly use the phone. But I use the email/twitter/camera/shopping list/notepad/internet via wifi ALL the time.
  • The camera is awesome – better than my real camera. The flash is a little too bright though.
  • The weather report with rain drops, fog and sunshine is very cool – and my favourite thing 🙂

New SVG imageBad stuff…

  • Whilst I haven’t had the phone die on me- I am very concerned that the battery gets low so quickly – just in case – I charge it nightly. Apparently this is fairly normal for a smart phone. No store in Cape Town has a car charger though.
  • The sms functionality sucks. I cant even find an App that works perfectly and does everything I want. Can only sms one person at a time, searching for a message is hard. Following a conversation is hard (and ugly). As my gmail contacts are there I often end up sending an email instead of an sms and then not noticing until its too late.
  • Copy and paste is difficult – in fact I still haven’t been able to do this successfully.

final verdict …

I still love my phone. I no longer loathe the site of iphones or the gushing of apple fanboys – I just grin and pull out my phone. I love being connected all the time if I want and not at all – if I want. I love the simplicity of always having a camera, the shopping list etc on me.

Now it needs to become an electronic payment and identification device so that I no longer have to carry my purse, id book and drivers license. THAT would be AWESOME!!


4 responses to “my HTC Desire

  1. sam June 22, 2010 at 7:58 am

    Another awesome app : SWYPE – its works surprisingly well!

    A site that list problems/issues people have found with the HTC Desire and also has workarounds for some:

  2. Jonathan June 25, 2010 at 5:28 am

    So I was sucked into the iphone vortex about 18 months ago and after years of being a pc user, I find myself sitting in the hotel room with:
    * iphone 3GS
    * ipad
    * macbook pro
    …and I have my book open…on beginning mac programming. WHAT’S HAPPENING TO ME?! Sounds like you’re sucked into the droid vortex now 🙂 It’s a good time.

    • sam June 25, 2010 at 8:15 am

      Its an awesome time! I’m jealous of your macbook and ipad … and I’m pretty sure I will oneday have a bunch of Apple goodies … I love gadgets and new tech far too much 🙂

  3. Steve Crane August 14, 2010 at 12:45 am

    It’s nice to hear I’m not the only one that wants a smart phone but shies away from the fruity stuff. Even on my fairly low end Nokia I use several apps and can’t wait until the end of the year when I can upgrade again. I will most likely go for an Android phone then.

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