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When to leave – and when to hug

Today I realised that although last week was incredibly difficult and I got almost nothing done – I did learn an important lesson. Once again – I am hoping that in blogging about it – I will remember it 🙂

I recognized the signs (that I previously blogged about here) and so was able to notice my behaviour, others behaviour and then get to the root cause and change something.

Last week my funk was caused by these things:

The thing that was bugging me was that I like change. And I think in all these situations change will be for the best. So why was I all itchy and scratchy?  I think its because I like fast change. I don’t like talking about change or wondering about change, in my opinion that just breeds chaos. Yes- I need to work on my patience, and on understanding the need for chaos.


In retrospect its a good thing that I didn’t do too much as my negative attitude would have not doubt allowed (perhaps even given permission?) for others to become more negative. And that is the opposite of my job as a scrum master.

In not doing much, I did the best thing I could do. After a weekend of relaxing and sorting through my thoughts I am in a happy place once more, in fact positive and hoping this week will bring all the change promised. Just to make sure I started off on a good note I went to gym this morning – endorphins are awesome!

Lesson :

If you are in a negative space and you can’t truly concentrate – think about getting out and changing your mindset. If you’ve already passed on some of your negativity – leave immediately. Come back when you’re better. You are harming, not helping people.

I wrote the above yesterday .. today I find myself in a fabulously good mood. I attribute this to two things:

1. Last night a friend reminded me that I’m a good hugger and I should hug more (I realise that if you’re a non-hugger this seems weird). I hug ALL my friends – A LOT 🙂 At my previous company I hugged most people hello every morning. I did work there for 5 years though – so I knew them pretty well 🙂

2. This morning I read an article on how Social Networking Affects Brains Like Falling in Love. Its a great article – READ IT!

… social networking may increase a person’s oxytocin levels, thereby heightening feelings of trust, empathy, and generosity. Why does this matter to businesses?…

.. The idea is that if businesses wish to thrive in our interconnected world, where consumers’ opinions spread at the speed of light, they must act as a trusted friend: create quality products, market them honestly, emphasize customer care…

And the quickest, easiest, cheapest way to increase a persons oxytocin levels? Hug them 🙂


Ok – I finally got the message 🙂

I’ve hugged 3 people today (its 8:55am)  and I feel super happy and energised. I’m not sure how they feel … probably a little shocked, but if it made them feel a little happier – then all is right in the world.


2 responses to “When to leave – and when to hug

  1. Karen June 29, 2010 at 4:23 pm

    How come I didn’t get a hug this morning 😦 I was even here at 8am! I deserved a hug for that.

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