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somethings are just inevitable …

change and managing it

Right now there is a lot of change going on in my life 🙂 And I love it. I think change is awesome – it gets you reassess what is important in your life and to make time for those things.


I started my new job – rather quickly too… I was thinking of going to Thailand for the month of August – but the new job is in the starting phase and I didn’t want to miss out on all the change and chaos, so my Thailand trip is postponed to February.

I have just finished week 3 at the new job. And my life schedule is struggling to adjust. Essentially I am focusing all my attention and energy on the new job and as such I haven’t been running, exercising or seeing my friends.

As I have a bunch of running goals that I am trying to achieve I need to get my Ass into Gear and adjust to the change 🙂



My running goals are rather hectic as I believe in pushing myself 🙂 Also – the more I’m kept busy the better I tend to perform in all aspects of my life!

Two weeks ago I came up with a plan to get this done- and am proud to report that so far I am on schedule!


This was my thought pattern on Thursday 5th August:

This Sunday a 6.5km trail run – I have not done any exercise for the last 10 days (thanks to a cold), but managed to get in a 6km run on Thursday.

Next race is … next weekend on Saturday – trail run around 7.5km …

Next race is …Sunday 5th September – trail run of 16km! ouch…

There is a Running program at Optifit to get you from 10km to 21km in 8 weeks  which starts on September 6… can I, should I do this? I need to be able to run 10km by the start … that should be fine. Then the program is twice a week and one weekend run. It will be tight scheduling what with the job being so far away…

Next race … Sunday 10th October – Road Run 10km (not entered yet)

Then Sunday 24 October – trail run 21km … ouch ouch

Then Sunday 14 November – road run 21km

WOW – I should be a svelte gorgeous person by then! Just in time for beach season 😉



“how on earth am I going to do this” ?


I love planning and yes – I plan to replan 😉

Here is my running program for the next month … its not cast in concrete so some things will change – but I’m hoping to stick to it on a weekly basis!

The first mini aim of the program is to ensure I can run 10km comfortably by the time the Optifit program starts on Sep 6, and the next mini aim is to ensure I do my strength sessions at the gym. The races are in green and in yellow are optional gym sessions – I don’t have to do them if I’m tired.



I have decided to keep track of all my running and gym session on Daily Mile. So far its been easy and quick to update. I love that it gives me my pace and that I have a record of what’s happened. I just noticed that my pace has slowly been increasing for my road runs (I can’t compare trail running as that’s too different). Here is a record of the last 3 weeks:




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