Inevitably Agile

somethings are just inevitable …

I am a superhero?

Superman and Clark Kent have in common? Batman and  Bruce Wayne?

Spiderman and Peter Parker? Wonder Woman and Diana Prince?


I have the same problem …. no i am not a genetically altered being or an alien 🙂

But I have 2 identities.

In the online world. I have been ‘umming’ and ‘ahhing’ and changing my mind as too whether I wanted to keep the identities separate or join them.


Identity 1 – Scrum Master Sam



This is me at work – the scrum master who loves all things agile. I love connecting online with people all over the world who are passionate about Agile. 


Identity 2 – Trail Runner Sam

(in training)



This is the other me. I recently (Feb 2010) started running as part of my ongoing attempt to get fit, lose some weight and be healthy. I then fell in love with trail running …


So what is my online identity crisis?


My twitter feed @samlaing is used mainly (90%) for work (agile, scrum) related posts, retweets and thoughts.  My blog has a split personality – in depth posts are done for work. And quick updates are done for my other me – the runner me. I also update Dailymile with all my workout info. And the blog link to Linked In which is all about work me. Then there is facebook – which I’ve kept separate and hardly used in the last 5 years. It links to old school friends and family. Recently I’ve been using it for runner me as well.

I didn’t want to burden my followers on twitter and the blog with my split personality crisis – so i thought lets have 2 twitter streams and 2 blogs, then those who love me for agile wont be bothered by my other tweets. But maintaining 2 streams and thoughts and blogs etc is a lot of work. And it feels false. I mean I am ONE person 🙂

I’m starting to think to be a superhero actually means the work involved in maintaining 2 personalities!


Decision – I’m not a superhero!


I am going to join my fractured personas and become one online again. Apologies to those who are not interested in running or not interested in agile. I will endeavor to #tag my tweets and I will categorize my blog posts. I am not yet sure how I will handle facebook or dailymile. I hope to inspire all of you  to try trail running and to think in an agile way (it does not only apply to IT!).

Do you have one online identity? Or many?

Let me know what you think… please!


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