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21km Running Program – assesment


I have just started another running program – this one is the Optifit 10km to 21km. Today was assessment day and of course I dragged out my previous assessments and did a comparison. Surprising indeed!

Here are the previous blogs posts of my assessments: #1, #2



My weight has come down a bit as has my waist measurement – a pleasant surprise! My blood pressure and cholesterol seems to be similar. I was a little disappointed that I ran slower than the last assessment. My recovery HR difference was the same – and as that is an indicator of fitness – I guess I’ve stayed more or less the same. Given that I have not been a dedicated runner in the last 4 months and that its been winter (that means more eating!) I am very happy with the results 🙂

I’m sure I’ll be in the SLOW group – but I’m comfortable with that 🙂

For more info on VO2 Max  and a handy calculator please go to this site:

According to this site I am below average as I took longer than 15 minutes. Hmpf. I respectfully disagree … I think the average person – is lying on the couch eating potato chips!

I will be logging my runs on DailyMile, but will try to do a weekly summary here.


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