Inevitably Agile

somethings are just inevitable …

What will you accomplish in the next 2 years?


This is my goal:

I want to be fit and able to complete the Wild Run in September 2012 comfortably.

Overview  Wildcoast Wildrun - Google Chrome_2010-09-16_07-59-00


Its a 3 day, 112km trail run all along the coast. The thought makes my heart and soul soar – doesn’t it sound perfect to you?


090903OwenM_WR_day1 -109 copy    100715_WR10_OwenM-20

Where am I currently?

I can comfortably run 10km. A flat 10km takes me about 75min. I am a very slow runner. I did the Cape Winter Trail Series (3 of the short runs) and though I came last in one of them *blush* I loved every minute of it 🙂

Trail Series South Africa - rejuvenate your running! - Google Chrome_2010-09-16_09-45-13

What am I doing?

I am in a 8 week program to go from 10km to 21km. The main aim of this is to get more running time and distance. There are many trail running groups in Cape Town (CRAG, Celtics, VOB) but I am too slow to join them (they recommend that you be able to do 10km in 70min). Also their distances are usually between 9 and 12km. On a trail run that is much tougher.

I have noticed that there are some groups for nervous newbies like me – VOB Trail Walk/Run and Run/Jog/Walk Buddies Trail Running Group (for info email: tracyannengel at gmail dot com). As soon as my 21km program is over I will be joining them!

I figure if I can do 21km on a road – then I will be able to

  1. Run a faster 10km
  2. Complete a 9-12km trail run without embarrassing myself


What do I need to do?

I need to compete in a variety of trail runs next year (2011) in order to increase my fitness levels and leg strength. Some of them will need to be multi day events. And typing what I need to do is making me nervous! I also need to plan my running and training so that I gradually build up without injuring myself.

I know I can do it – I also know its going to be LOTS of work.

I’m ready – Bring it! 😉

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