Inevitably Agile

somethings are just inevitable …

Running Program – week 2

Another week done!

More details can be found here:

My Account Workouts  dailymile - Google Chrome_2010-09-21_07-59-26

This was a tough week (I have a sneaky feeling they are all going to be tough!). I didn’t manage to do all the prescribed sessions – but I am determined to listen to my body and rest when I need to. I am trying to drink more water and eat healthily.

This was last weeks program:

Mon: Strength training – I eventually did this at 6pm out of guilt 🙂 I was very tired from the previous days long run still.

Tues: 6km run with hills – This was my best run ever and at my fastest pace 🙂

Wed: 5km time trail – I skipped this as I worked late 😦

Thurs: 7km run flat – This was a tough run, I didnt feel well.

Fri: rest – I easily accomplished this!

Sat: 14km long run – My furthest run EVER! I made it, barely, with a few short walk breaks.mountainMasochist

Sun:  5km easy run – This was a no go after a night of partying. Instead I headed to a trail with my 2 mutts and did 3km of walk/jog with them (they are on the couch to 5km program 😛 ). I did this in my new trail running shoes – no sore spots, yay!


Focus for this week – strength training for core and legs….


Week distance: 6 + 7 + 14 + 3 = 30km

Total distance for program: 53.4km


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